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Automobile Accident Attorney

Automobile Accident Attorney – How to Protect Your Rights When You’re Injured

You may not think you need an automobile accident attorney, but it’s a good idea to have one on hand in case you get inAutomobile Accident Attorney an accident. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT), there were more than 126,000 accidents throughout the state in 2016. While less than one percent of the accidents were fatal, more than 30 percent led to injuries.

Each day, approximately 155 Arizona residents and visitors were injured in car wrecks, thousands of others were involved in property-only damage accidents. Whether an accident led to injuries or just property damage, these individuals often find themselves fighting with insurance companies for the compensation they deserve to get their life back on track.

The Most Common Automobile Accidents

Based on data from AZDOT, most collisions in Arizona involved multiple vehicles. Fourth of July was the deadliest holiday with more than a dozen fatal crashes reported during a four-day period. Some of the most common types of car accidents include:

  • Sideswipes
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on accidents
  • Pedestrian crashes
  • T-bone accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Rollover collisions
  • Hit-and-runs

In Arizona, AZDOT statistics for 2016 indicate the majority of the crashes were rear-ended collisions, followed by left-turn and T-bone crashes.

Common Automobile Accident Injuries

Even the slowest rear-end accident can lead to injuries. There are several factors that can determine the severity of an injury, such as the angle of the collision, if the driver or passengers were wearing seatbelts, the speed each vehicle was traveling, and much more.

Some typical injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and strains
  • Broken bones
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Airbag burns
  • Dental injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Chest injuries

One of the most important things to know is that after an accident, some injuries are not easily noticeable. The signs of whiplash can take up to 24 hours to appear while the symptoms of concussion may appear to be temporary confusion after the crash.

It is imperative that everyone receive medical attention after a crash, even if they believe they were not injured.

Do’s and Don’ts After an Accident

The moments after an accident can be difficult but are also crucial in protecting your legal rights. Taking the following steps just after a crash can help you and your family.

  • Call 911. Even if the accident seems minor, call the authorities to report the accident. An accident report is essential for filing a claim.
  • Additionally, you should call 911 so that you and anyone else involved in the crash, receive the medical treatment that’s needed.
  • If possible, take photos of the scene. Your safety should be your priority, so do not take photos if you’re injured or unable to do so safely. If you can, take photos of the intersection of the crash, the damage to your vehicle, and your injuries.
  • Write down details of the accident, such as the date, time, intersection, weather, details you remember about the crash, and anything else you believe may be vital.
  • When police arrive, only provide the facts, and do not place blame on anyone, even if you think you were at fault.
  • Contact an attorney. You may want to immediately contact your insurer, but you should call a lawyer so they can guide you on your next steps.

Why You Need an Automobile Accident Attorney

Maybe you’ve been involved in an accident in the past, or maybe you think the accident isn’t a big enough deal to get lawyers involved. However, having a lawyer on your side is one of the best ways to protect your legal rights. After an accident, your insurance company may deny your claim or low ball your claim, leaving you with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and more.

An experienced automobile accident attorney can investigate your claim, obtain medical and police reports, determine liability, and establish how much your claim is worth. Your lawyer can also work as a liaison so that you can do what is most important, recover from your accident and injuries.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need a good automobile accident attorney. Contact me today.