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Pedestrian accident

When Should You Hire A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?


Pedestrian accidentIn 2014, 65,000 people were injured in pedestrian accidents around the country. Any auto accident is frightening, but a pedestrian accident is especially traumatic. Not only are your injuries likely to be more serious, but as a pedestrian, you aren’t expecting an encounter with a car.

What is a Pedestrian Accident?

A vehicle-pedestrian accident occurs whenever a vehicle strikes someone who is on foot. A car hitting a pedestrian at a speed over 30 miles an hour causes serious injuries and even fatalities. However, severe injuries, including paralysis, can happen with an impact speed of as little as 10 miles per hour.

Pedestrian accidents can happen at any time of day or night, and can happen regardless of whether you are walking on a sidewalk, plaza, or crossing a street. Tens of millions of people walk every day, and it is a healthful, safe activity. Unfortunately, part of the time, that is not the case.

Steps You Should Take After a Pedestrian Car Accident

If you are injured in a pedestrian-car accident, the first thing to do is to make sure you move to a safe location. If you are able, you should call 911 emergency right away. The chances are good that you will need both medical attention and a detailed police report.

You should not leave the scene of the accident until police and emergency responders have arrived. Here are other steps you should take after a pedestrian car accident:

  • Gather the names and information of not only the driver, but anyone else who witnessed the accident. It will be helpful in case there is a lawsuit.
  • Don’t admit any fault. Anything you say at the scene of the accident can be used against you if you are trying to get a settlement for injuries and trauma. Even something innocent like “It’s no big deal” can be detrimental.
  • Do not negotiate with the driver. Immediately after an accident, you don’t know what compensation you need or how serious your injuries are.
  • Be sure to seek medical attention. Not only will this help ensure that you are alright, but it will also help protect your rights to a settlement in the future.

When Do You Have a Case?

A legal case for driver negligence may mean that you are entitled to compensation for both your injuries and any physical or emotional trauma you suffered. Here are some common ways that drivers are negligent in pedestrian car accidents:

  • Distracted driving, including talking, eating, or the use of electronic devices
  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Failing to signal while turning
  • Disregarding weather or traffic conditions in ways that contributed to the accident
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If any of these were part of the accident that occurred, you need to make sure you get a pedestrian accident attorney to protect your rights and get you appropriate compensation.

How Can a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help?

Having a pedestrian accident attorney is vital to protecting your rights in the case, and ensuring that you get the full compensation you deserve. The driver’s insurance company may offer you a settlement, but remember that the agent works for the insurance company, not for you. The agent’s goal will be to minimize the settlement amount and save the insurance company money.

You should contact a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as you can after an accident. Do not discuss the case with anyone, including the driver’s insurance company, before you have a lawyer secured. The driver’s insurance company may use your statements about the accident to try to prove you were at fault in some way for the accident.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian-car accident, getting an attorney to help you is critical. Contact us for a free consultation today.