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Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident

Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident? You Need an Expert Attorney on Your Side

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Scottsdale motorcycle accident, please seek medical attention. Then call our office.

Arizona’s beautiful weather makes it one of the best places for riding a motorcycle nearly all year long. The number of Scottsdale Motorcycle Accidentmotorcycles registered in the state has increased by 9.8% since 2014. As more riders hit the road, there is also the greater chance of an accident.

As motorcycles and their riders are not as protected as they would be in a car or truck, the injuries are much more likely to be severe. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Scottsdale motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were more than 126,000 crashes in the state, and 2.45% of them involved motorcycles. Other statistics about motorcycle accidents in Arizona include:

  • Approximately 4.45% of motorcycle crashes were fatal, resulting in 144 deaths
  • The majority of motorcycle collisions led to injuries
  • More than 2,500 people were injured in motorcycle accidents
  • 540 motorcycle crashes resulted in only property damage
  • The number of motorcycle accidents has steadily increased since 2014

Although there is no information on how many accidents were in Scottsdale, Maricopa County had the highest number of reported motorcycle collisions. Additionally, most collisions were not the fault of the motorcyclist; the second highest cause of collisions, however, was a motorcyclist speeding.

What to Do in a Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident

As with any other accident, there are a few steps you should take if you are involved in a Scottsdale motorcycle accident. First and foremost, call 911 to report the accident and request emergency medical treatment. If you are able to safely move around, here are a few more things you should do after a motorcycle crash.

  • Take photos of the scene, including damage to your motorcycle and the other vehicle, injuries, and any other details
  • Identify any witnesses and obtain their contact information
  • Write down details of the crash, such as the road you were on, rate of speed, weather conditions, and what happened
  • When police arrive, only provide details of what happened and do not admit liability nor blame the other driver
  • If possible, obtain a copy of the police report or request the driver’s information such as their name, insurer, and license plate number

If you are unable to immediately meet with an attorney, it is important that you do not admit any fault or sign anything, such as forms from an insurer, in order to preserve your rights.  Additionally, make sure you keep your medical records, bills, and other related expenses such as the cost of a rental vehicle or transportation costs when you need to get to a medical appointment.

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Once you contact a lawyer, they can serve as a liaison between you and the insurance company.

Find a Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Having an attorney on your side is essential in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies have their own best interests in mind, which means they may deny or diminish your claim.

An experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident. By choosing an experienced attorney in Scottsdale, you will find someone who knows the area, understands which areas are dangerous, and someone who is well-versed in Arizona laws. Your lawyer can attain important documents such as your medical records and police reports, meet with expert witnesses, and more. Each of these steps will help build a strong claim so that you can receive compensation that will help you get back on your feet.

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