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Dog Bites

For over 20 years, Sonja Duckstein has been aggressively preparing and prosecuting claims for clients in personal injury accident cases.

Q: Does a dog bite have to break the skin for me to file a dog bite claim?

A: No. As long as a dog’s jaws come in contact with your skin, you may have a dog bite claim. A dog bite can cause many scars that are not necessarily physical. The best thing to do if you believe you have a dog bite claim is to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer. A dog bite claim can be very difficult to handle alone.

Q: What kinds of dogs bite?

A: Any dog has the potential to bite a person. Some dog breeds are more prone to biting, and all dogs are more prone to bite in different circumstances. In general, dogs are more likely to bite if they are surprised, guarding their territory, protecting an owner, in heat, provoked, or if they feel threatened. If you are around a dog that you believe will bite you, try to calmly leave the area.

Q: If a dog bites me, am I automatically able to recover?

A: Not necessarily. There are many contributing factors in a dog bite claim. If you are suffering from injuries that are the result of a dog bite, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer. A dog bite lawyer will be able to help you determine what kind of compensation you may be able to receive.

Q: What can I do if I suffer a dog bite while at work?

A: If you suffer injuries from a dog bite that occurred at work, then you may be able to collect workers’ compensation. Also, if your dog bite occurred on another person’s property you may have a premises liability claim. If you have suffered a dog bite, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer. A dog bite lawyer will be able to inform you of all the appropriate law and regulations that apply in your state.

Q: How long will my dog bite claim take to resolve?

A: Each dog bite claim is different, and the length of a dog bite claim is often determined by the severity of the incident along with other contributing factors surrounding the dog bite. Some dog bite claims take months or years to resolve, while others are resolved in a few weeks.