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Motorcycle accident attorneys

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Support Motorcycle Safety Month


May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and while it’s important for riders to be safe, it’s also important that others take notice. Motorcycle accident attorneys are in the business of helping our clients, but to be honest, we’d rather not see a client come in with serious injuries. Whether it’s a motorcycle, driver or cyclist, everyone needs to share the road and be responsible while behind the wheel – no matter the vehicle.

The Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the seven most common type of motorcycle crashes in Arizona include:

  • Collision with a motor vehicle in transport
  • Overturning
  • Collision with a pedestrian
  • Collision with an animal
  • Collision with a fixed object, such as a fence or light pole
  • Collision with a non-fixed object
  • Vehicle fire or explosion

The majority of these accidents occurred during daylight hours. The second most common time period for collisions occurred at night on lit roads. Accidents most commonly occurred on dry roads as well. The conditions during the majority of these accidents reveal that accidents can happen even in good conditions. The majority of riders did not appear to be under influence.

Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident

With defensive driving techniques, riders can better protect themselves and avoid being involved in a crash. Here are a few tips for avoiding collisions:

  • Develop a “sixth” sense and anticipate a car turning into your lane or turning left in front of you. Make sure you identify threats early on, such as a car at an intersection, a gap in traffic near an intersection or when you’re passing driveways and parking lots.
  • Watch for dangerous road conditions like dirt, gravel, and rocks.
  • Don’t speed and use visual clues to navigate curves. If you take a corner too fast, take as much lean out of the bike and look for ways out. Avoid panicking and don’t hit the brakes or chopping the throttle as it could cause you to lose traction.
  • When riding in a group, make sure everyone is obeying the rules of the road and following proper group riding etiquette.
  • Watch for parked cars. They may not seem like a danger, but people in parked cars may open the door causing riders to collide. Additionally, drivers may not see an oncoming motorcycle and could suddenly pull out into traffic, putting you in grave danger.

Most importantly, riders need to anticipate dangerous situations and use their judgment when riding. If you’re a first-time rider, try easing into it and get defensive driving training to know how to protect yourself. Additionally, always avoid distractions – whether it’s a cellphone or the scenery.

Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you’re unable to avoid a situation and find yourself the victim of a motorcycle collision, motorcycle accident attorneys can help you. If you’re in need of legal counsel, here’s how you can find the best attorney for you.

  • Social media reviews from Facebook and Yelp! Reviews are great ways to hear from former clients on how the firm helped them.
  • Testimonials. Does the attorney have client testimonials on their website? Review those for a snapshot of the type of cases the attorney has experience with and how they helped these clients.
  • Ask a friend or coworker. Unless they have mentioned it before, you may not know that your next door neighbor or co-worker has hired a lawyer before. Ask for references and firsthand accounts from those you trust most.

I stand with many motorcycle accident attorneys when I say, please be vigilant during motorcycle safety month and beyond. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact me to discuss your case.