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How to Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

Sharing the highway with semi-trucks can be unnerving even in the best of conditions. Unfortunately, due the pressures that over-the-road truckers are under to meet tight deadlines, they often make poor choices when driving. Many times they don’t get the legally required amount of sleep, and truck drivers are tempted like everyone else when it comes to distracted driving.If you’re in an accident with a semi-truck, it’s important to know how to protect your rights both at the accident scene and after the accident. You should make sure that you get the best truck accident lawyer you can to represent you as you seek recovery for your injuries and suffering.

Protect Your Rights at the Scene

Even the very best truck accident lawyer won’t be able to help you if you don’t protect your rights at the accident scene. Here are some important steps to take after an accident with a semi.

  • Be careful what you say. Unfortunately, at the scene of an accident, everything you say can be used against you in court. Even something as simple as “It’s OK,” or “It’s no big deal,” can be seen as an admission that you aren’t injured, or don’t deserve compensation for mental distress and suffering.
  • Insist on a police report. In an accident with a semi-truck, it’s important to call the police and wait until they arrive to assess the scene. They will file an official report that will be very important. Don’t let the truck driver talk you into simply accepting a phone number or a handshake that he or she will be in touch.
  • Get medical treatment. You should always go to a hospital after an accident with a semi-truck. This is important for two reasons; first, you may be in shock and not realize that you are injured and need treatment. Secondly, being thoroughly checked out for injury helps protect your rights for financial recovery when you and your truck accident lawyer are in court.

Choose the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

After the accident, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best truck accident lawyer to represent you and make sure that you get the fairest recovery possible. The truck company has lawyers protecting them, so why shouldn’t you? Despite what they may say, insurance representatives are not on your side. They are paid by the insurance company and will take the settlement that’s best and easiest for them. Here are some steps to choosing the best truck accident lawyer.

  • Find a truck accident lawyer with experience. Someone with experience handling the specifics of semi-truck accidents will do the best job of representing you in a case. Semi-trucks are generally owned by large corporations and dealing with the settlement from a semi-truck accident is different than a normal vehicle accident.
  • Find a reputable truck accident lawyer. This is not the time to call the 800 number you see on a television advertisement. You want to carefully research the lawyer you choose, talk to previous clients, and make sure the lawyer is highly recommended.
  • Find a truck accident lawyer who will fight for you. Not all lawyers are in a financial position to hire experts, take depositions, and invest in your case. Choose one that is. Also, choose one who is a good communicator and has a passion to fight for you to get the settlement you deserve. Cases against trucking corporations can take some time, and you want someone who will keep going for the long haul.

If you’ve been in an accident with a semi-truck, you’ve had a very scary experience. It’s important to protect your rights both at the scene and afterward. By choosing the very best truck accident lawyer, you’ll be in a much better position to get the settlement you deserve.

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  1. Annika Larson

    Recently, my brother was in a trucking accident. We want to help him find the right lawyer to assure he gets the compensation he deserves. As you mentioned, it’s important to carefully research potential lawyers and talk to previous clients. We’ll be sure to do this.

  2. Jade Brunet

    My cousin was recently hit by a truck on the freeway and we are trying to convince her to hire a personal injury attorney to help her case. It is good to know that one should find a truck accident lawyer with experience. I did not realize that hiring someone with experience in handling the specifics of semi-truck accidents could be so beneficial. We will be sure to ask about experience as we interview potential lawyers.

  3. Schiffrinpa

    Great post!!!
    I think these are some good ideas to keep in mind when searching for best truck accident lawyer to represent you. The attorney you hire should be able to easily tell you whether or not they feel comfortable or have the experience necessary to take your case to court if it is needed.

  4. Quick legal

    When you search for the best truck accident lawyer select a reputed lawyer. Talk to the people who may know a good lawyer. Make a shortlist of the lawyers recommended to you, making sure that each has been highly recommended by more than one person. Search the internet for any news about them, the works they have done, and the papers they have published.

  5. FargioneThomas, LLC

    This is excellent information! Hiring the most trustworthy and experienced attorney can give a fighting chance at winning the case. Thanks for writing these best tips for finding a truck accident lawyer.

  6. Kyle Wayne

    I like that you mention how important it is to protect your rights. My brother was involved in an accident and is looking for a truck accident attorney. I’ll be sure to talk to him about how it’s important that he knows his rights.

  7. Mark Finch

    I like your article about how to find the best truck accident personal injury attorney. I drive a truck for a living, and I’m afraid I may get involved in an accident in the future. It’s comforting to know that when I do, I’d be able to get help from a lawyer who has expertise in truck accidents. I like how you suggested looking for a lawyer who will work with me with passion until a resolution is met. I know that cases against trucking companies can take a long time, and because of this, it would be best if My lawyer will fight for me until the end.

  8. Dan Moller

    Being involved in any vehicular accident could also mean that there would be legal actions that you would need to deal with eventually. If I were involved in one, I would agree that it would be a safe bet to hire a lawyer that specializes in that particular area of the law so any requirements that I may have with my insurance claims, for example, I would have someone who “speaks the language” to assist me. I think it’s also important to hire a lawyer who has been practicing his craft for a considerable amount of time to make sure that they are proficient with their job, and that their winning rates are considerably high.

  9. Alexandria Martinez

    I loved your advice to look for a trucking accident attorney that is willing to fight for you. This is so important in any case to make sure that they want what is best for their client. My cousin would benefit from knowing this since she has been asking about something similar.

  10. Larry Weaver

    I appreciate the advice to find a lawyer that will take time to hire experts, take depositions, and invest in your case. I got in an accident while driving home from a Christmas party, so hiring an auto accident attorney is what I need to do. Finding someone that fights for my case and is easy to communicate with are traits I’ll look for in an attorney to help me out.

  11. Thanks for these great tips! My brother got involved in an accident while on duty. We wanted to make sure that he could get the best he deserves when making a settlement with his company. In addition, I agree that we should be careful in anything that we say during the accident.

  12. It was really nice when you said that during the scene of the incident, the person needs to be careful of the things that he says because anything that comes out of his mouth can be used against him in court. That is all the more reason why my brother needs a lawyer to help him. He said something that indicates that he takes responsibility for what happened during the accident case. He needs someone who will help him prove that they got the message wrong. Thanks.

  13. I really like what you said about finding a good truck accident lawyer. This is something that I have been really interested in doing because I have a truck and I want to make sure that I cover my assets. Hopefully, I can find a good lawyer that can help me out with doing this in case anything goes wrong.

  14. My brother was driving his truck when he got rear ended. His head and neck has really been hurting him, so I’ve been wondering if he should hire a personal injury attorney to help him. Thanks for mentioning that he should look for a lawyer with accident experience, as they will be able to better help him. Thanks for all the great advice on how to choose a personal injury attorney.

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